Services to New Investors

Welcome to Shrimp Aquaculture Industry in Sri Lanka. Our Expert Team is ready to assist you with the following areas for a Secure and Safe Investment in Shrimp Aquaculture Industry to earn better return for your Money.


- Planning and Designing Small and Large Aquaculture Projects

- Preparation of Feasibility Study Reports

- Site Selection

- Obtaining necessary Approvals, Licenses etc

- Farm Construction Management

- Technical Management

- Aquaculture Input supplies

- Marketing the Final Products

- Financial Support on Working Capital Requirements

- Arranging Partneships

- Investment Opportunities in Existing Shrimp Aquaculture Projects


Please feel free to contcat Investors HOTLINE: +94 777 594292


Technical Support Services

Qualified Technical Team of King Aqua Services (Pvt) Ltd is ready to provide the necessary Technical Advises and Management Support Services for Shrimp Aquaculture Projects on the following areas FREE OF CHARGE in all 365 days at Round O' Clock Basis.


- Pond Preparation

- Bio Security Measures

- Water Quality Aspects

- Shrimp Fry Selection and Stocking

- Feed and Feeding Management

- Health Management

- Harvest and Post Harvest Handling and Marketing


Feel free to contact our Technical Services Hot Line +94 32 2222953


Aquaculture Laboratory Services

Sri Lanka's first Private Aquaculture Laboratory with PCR Testing faculties to Identify White Sport Virus (WSSV) in Shrimps in addition to other Water Quality, Health and Quality Testing of Shrimps including Microbiology has been established in 1999 by King Aqua Services (Pvt) Ltd. The Following Services can be obtained from the Aquaculture Laboratory for Shrimp hatcheries and Farms.


01. Post Larvae (Shrimp Fry) Quality Testing


By using high quality Post Larvae you can obtain a good harvest. The parameters such as Ideal length, Size variation, Gut : Muscle ratio, Endo parasites, Swollen hind gut, Necrosis abnormalities and Ecto parasites are checked in King Aqua Lab. Apart from that MBV test is performed to identify Monodon  bacculovirus which  affect shrimp farming.


02. Detection of White Spot Syndrome using PCR technique


It’s very important to avoid WSSV which has now become a great threaten to shrimp farming industry. In King aqua Lab we perform PCR test for Brood stock, Post Larvae and Growing shrimp under modern and highly advanced Laboratory facilities.


03.Total Vibrio Count (TVC)


Vibrio is a bacteria which reduces harvest in shrimp farms and act as causative agent which cause diseases. By occasional TVC testing and taking precautions we can prevent the distruction done by this microorganism.


04.Water Quality Testing


It’s very important to test and manage water quality in the pond water  in order to obtain a good harvest.The bellow mentioned water quality parameters such as, Water pH, Salinity, ammonia concentration, alkalinity, phosphate concentration, nitrite concentration and Total Vibrio Count test is performed in King Aqua Lab.


Feel free to contact the Aquaculture Laboratory Hotline: + 94 32 2222712